Thursday, September 15, 2005

Turning Points...

So, yesterday brought several turning points.

- I took a shower - not much on earth can make you feel more human than a shower!
- Removed the dressings - I got to see my incisions, which are really not that bad. Four of them are literally smaller than 1 cm, one is about 1.5 cm and 1 is about 2 cm. They don't really hurt, but the biggest one is sore...I'll take it over a big fat "open" incision any day!
- Stopped the narcotics - I realized yesterday morning that most of my problem was feeling nauseous and dizzy - so I stopped the drugs at 6 a.m. yesterday and switched to liquid ibuprofen. It's working just fine with no side effects!
- My um, intestines "woke up" - no details here, but anyone who has ever had surgery knows that this is a true turning point in your body's healing and in feeling normal.
- Visitors Galore! I had four visits yesterday, all were short, but I was up for it which was good! (Thanks Julie, Amy, Mikey & Meg!)

I slept well again without waking up for over 8 hours, which is fantastic. I'm still tired out surprisingly easily at times when I don't expect it at all. I didn't make it to the Lighthouse yesterday, but did start off today with a decaf soy mocha which I walked over and got for myself (Michelle was along of course for moral support and to pick me up in case I tipped over... :)

Here's the thing though: I know I'm doing this recovery thing right because I'm not stir crazy, bored or frustrated. At times I really just lay down and relax and think about nothing. Those who know me know how big a deal that is! I'm hoping for continued improvement daily. Stay tuned.

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