Saturday, September 03, 2005


When you opt to go under anesthesia, you’re basically saying, ‘ok, dude, my life is in your hands.’ It’s the ultimate surrendering – to basically trust another human being with your life in such a direct way (granted, it’s a well-trained human being, right?). I suppose we do this more often than we thing – say, every time you get in a car that someone else is driving I would say on some level, you’re putting your life in their hands…but it obviously doesn’t feel quite so …grave.

Further, after surgery you’re not 100% for some time – and you have to trust other people to help you. Now, you who know me know, I’m a pretty darn self-sufficient gal. However, in this case, I accept that fact that the recovering-control-freak side of me is going to lose – I realize surrendering to the doctors, nurses, and anesthesiologist is a must, as is trusting that afterwards, I cannot take care of myself all alone.

Ok, ok, I get it….uncle, again. Damn. Will the life lessons ever end? I suppose, deep down, I hope not.

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Anonymous said...

Atleast Michelle won't steal $2000 from you.

Just remember, rolling up to stand up is your friend, don't try to use your abs for the first few days. Accept the help, though it's tough.

And don't give her your pin number... ;)