Saturday, September 10, 2005

T minus 2 days...

Wow - I can't believe it's only two days away! I'm definitely a one-topic girl at the moment...(sorry everyone). So, today I'm working on a few logistics - getting vitamins, making sure I have protein shakes stuff, re-reading pre-op and post-op instructions.

I'm also enjoying my last weekend of solid food for a good while - albiet low-carb, a NY steak with blue cheese butter still beats liquid meals. I know that part is going to be really, really hard, but, it's 10 days of my life - and some doctors have people do 4 weeks of liquids - I'm lucky! After that, I'll progress through slushie, mushie, soft and then solid foods over the next 4-6 weeks, and should be getting my first fill somewhere around October 28th, which is when the fun really begins!

For now, I'll just keep working on minimizing my inner stress/freak-out level, which seems actually quite reasonable at the moment...I'll just sit back and enjoy that.

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