Friday, July 13, 2007

Captain, We Have Restriction!!!

I'm so happy, oddly, that I barfed up my dinner last night. I really thought it was still mushie enough, and well, I was wrong. But I joyfully realized that my band is back in action, and I'm grateful, relieved and really, really happy I have it! Yay! More to come! But in the days since my Tuesday fill, the scale is definitely moving in the right direction. Phew, Jenn is relieved!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fill, More Fill...

Well, I got a flouro-fill a couple weeks ago only to 1.1 (outta 4.0). When I was too tight, I was at 2.0. I watched on the little x-ray screen as I drank barium (mmmm! good! ;<) and saw my band letting the liquid through. Frankly, 1.1 looked reasonable; it appeared the opening was about the size of a McDonald's straw, which makes sense.

Or not.

I found I could still eat pretty much anything, though I had cut back some, I still knew I could...and I did. So, Tuesday I went in and got another fill; this time, when she drew it out I was only at .9, which is interesting because even when I've got 4 months, I've never 'evaporated' a bit! So, I think my fill was too small (obviously). I'm now at 1.5 cc's and things are feeling more normal to me, though I'm still on liquids and mushies for another day.

In terms of my weight, I actually can't post it. It's that bad. That embarrassing. I packed it on and feel like a big fat whale. However, I also know I can fix it, and now that I know my band is more reasonably full and I'll have help, I am feeling much more hopeful of getting back to where I was - and ultimately, to the coveted-not-yet-seen 155. My nurse recommended the South Beach diet, so I'm checking that out instead of WW. I realize sugars/carbs are my downfall, (duh! ask 9 outta 10 fat people...) and South Beach mitigates that problem. So, I'm excited to get going.

The other challenge is exercise. Why is this so hard? Can someone please inject me with the exercise gene? I want to WANT to exercise, but it is so hard, each and every time - even though I know it makes me feel good, gives me good energy, and makes me lose weight. I get it. But it is a drag, trying to get back to it...

I hope I don't sound too depressed. I am actually feeling good about it all and am ready to get my ass in gear. So, more to come. And later, I'll tell you what I weighed....when I don't weigh that any more. :)