Wednesday, September 21, 2005

She Stands

So, tonight I went to two shows and stood for a good 3 hours - and survived! I have some muscle pain around the Borg unit input device (the port), but otherwise, I was ok. Not too much else to report on the Band front, other than:

- I'm comfortably sleeping on my stomach again through the night. Ra-hoo! Much, much better.
- Eating is going pretty well - I'm working to stretch the time in between 'feedings' (they're hardly meals now ;) and have gotten to around 3 hours between without hunger. Yippee!
- I did a full stop on drinking while eating; it's working out ok, but it's a little rough getting in 64 oz of water when following the rules...
- Incisions are looking swell. Not swelled. Swell.

More tomorrow! Overall my feeling is 'so far, so good!'

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