Monday, September 26, 2005

2 Weeks Today!

Holy crap - two weeks ago at this moment I was in the midst of getting my lap-band installed. It feels like an eon ago since so much has happened and changed for me since then. At this point, I pretty much feel like myself 100% with the exception of a little bit of port pain/swelling, which likely involves some scar tissue making it seem like more than it is. Successes so far:

- I've got the pre-fill eating figured out, and I know once I get the fill on 10/14, I'll have to learn it all over again, but I'm working pretty hard to form the right habits now so that time isn't too traumatic.

- I'm exercising! And, I really don't mind it.

- Down 18.5 pounds, and of course that feels good - but also fitting into clothes from last winter that I wouldn't have had a prayer of wearing a month ago is nice :)

- Overall, I'm committed (though I knew I would be - and many of you have been very sweet & supportive in reiterating how much faith you have in me to do this right!)

So, my band turns 2-weeks old today - I have an nutritionist appointment on Friday and then I start onto solid food! I'm scared of that since I'm in a nice little mushie-food-groove right now, but it will be interesting to chew again, no?

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