Friday, September 23, 2005

Lap-band = iPod Accessory?!

Today one of my best friends was with me as I told a peripheral co-worker that I had WLS and about the lap-band. My friend, who saw the laproscopic photos of the band inside my tummy said, "It's like an iPod accessory - white with some gray accents. Totally looks like an Apple product!"

What's funny is that while the band had a visual appeal to me, I never put this together! I held it in my hand and looking back, it even felt like iPod accessory...this just seemed funny and apropos.

In other news, today I went to the gym for the first time post-op and it went quite well! I did 30 minutes on the stairmaster and it actually felt great. I love those (unfortunately rare) workouts that are just easy, relaxing and almost, er, fun. I also weighed in - up 2 pounds - and no surprise really, not because I'm eating badly (plu-eez people! can you say 1000 calories/day?) but rather that my last weigh-in was after 5 days of, well, starving. To be honest, I was relieved it wasn't more! It'll go soon enough, I think my body is catching up anyway to the loss thus far - clothes are definitely fitting a little differently, things are a'shifting about...

p.s. I enabled anonymous comments to make it easy for y'all to comment (yes, I said y'all). If you are one of my friends/family, please consider signing your comment or give me initials or a tip as to who you are - some of the comments are really nice, and I'd love to thank you for them, but I don't know who to thank ;)

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