Sunday, September 04, 2005

Ok, I Can See How Atkins Can Work...

Low-carb girl marches on. I know I've lost weight doing this - my clothes are way looser...but man, I still don't get how you get skinny eating meat, cheese, eggs and fat. But, hey, it's only two weeks of my life, and I'm in a groove. Who can complain about lovely steaks on the grill with a nice blue cheese butter? Or Pork Chops? Or beef fajitas, no wrap?

However, I gotta say, it's easy if you just hide all of the carby food from yourself - I went to the store the other day and was like, "Oh yeah! Bread does does candy...and chips!" I quickly got out :) I also went for my first restaurant meal - that was scary, but I did fine with a salmon ceasar, no croutons. One week to go. Scary.

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