Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Body Pinball

So, I've mentioned the trapped air (CO2 gas) hanging out in my upper body, outside of the digestive tract giving it no actual escape route. To deal with it, you have to kind of think about stirring a glass of coke until the bubbles just dissipate - however, there's no way to um, actually stir. Instead there are three methods that can help: walking, a heating pad and chomping on gas-x. Now, I've been walking hourly as I'm supposed to (when awake) and took a gas-x, though I don't see what good it can do...

Last night, however, my back was killing me from the gas so I added the heating pad! Now, there was an impact! All of the sudden it felt the bubbles in my body were engaged in a hearty game of pinball - flying around...essentially, being stirred up! Now, only if you were in my shoes at the moment could you appreciate the utter joy this brings me. Everyone said the trapped air would be the worst part, and I have to agree...the incisions are sore but not intolerable, the headache is annoying but whatever. The air though is a bizarre, unfamiliar feeling (likely part of why it's so distressing) which is hard to target for relief, although a big shout out to Julie for the heating pad loan!!!

Otherwise, I'm doing ok. Slept about 11 hours straight last night, with Michelle bringing me my painkiller every 4 hours throughout the night, though I went right back to sleep each time. Feel free to email or call - I'll pick up/respond if I'm able. And I'll say it again - I appreciate everyone checking up on me! It's nice to feel loved when you're physically feeling like crapola.

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