Sunday, November 25, 2007

When Jenn Goes Away.....

You can generally assume I'm either (a) gaining weight or (b) feeling fat or (c) over-reacting. Or, all of the above! Seriously, I'm fine - but decided to just take a breather from being so strict and stopped counting points. And you know what happened? Well - I know this will come as a complete unexpected shock - but I started eating more! My weight has been about the same, but I've been WW avoidant. So, I'm going tomorrow for a glorious post-Thanksgiving-I-just-got-my-period Weigh-in! Won't that be fun?

But here's the good news:

- I'm on Day 47 of Bikram! I decided to go for the full 60, which is the recommended starting point for a lifelong practice. I have one to make up, so I will do a double one day here when I'm just feeling like it.

- The scale actually has been oh-so-slowly creeping down.

- I went to my pre-lap-band nutritionist to get some advice that wasn't necessarily mapping to surgeon success rates :) She gave me a slew of tasks, things to do/change/adjust, along with a pep/accountability talk.

- I'm off to WW tomorrow for a weigh-in; I see the nutritionist again in 3 weeks.

What did the nutritionist say? Well, nothing new per se...

- No, I can't stop. I have to get under 155 or I am still overweight, which leads to serious health conditions sooner as I age. No getting off the hook on this one, she was clear as a bell. (Nice try, Jenn :)
- I need to eat 1200ish calories a day, or less, but around that ideally - aiming for 60 grams of protein. She said continuing with the WW point system is perfect.
- I got the 'what'for' because I was not taking a multi-vitamin, only Vitamin D; so I was off to Seattle Super Supplements for a specific Multi, along with Calcium Citrate because I don't eat enough calories to get enough calcium.
- She encouraged 2 vegetarian dinners/main meals per week. I sort of abandoned most veggie cooking when I got my band, figuring protein was too hard to get in. However, she gave me some ideas and options - and reminded me that, simply put, most veggie protein has fewer calories than meat, allowing me to get full faster on fewer calories OR eat more volume when I am feeling more hungry than usual.
- Exercise. Good gawd, my work here is never done. No, 90 minutes of wicked hard yoga in 105 degree room isn't actually enough. She also talked about how your body will acclimate and stop having to work as hard (i.e., burning as many calories) if you keep doing the same thing over and over. And though Bikram is a lifelong process, it's not like a treadmill where you can jack it up from a 12-minute mile to a 10-minute mile. So, once I complete my 60 days (Dec. 8), I am going to look at integrating other aerobic, calorie-burning activities at least a few days a week. "Keep your body guessing a little," she said. Anyone (it's for women) in Seattle interested in checking this out for 3 weeks, beginning Dec. 3rd?... --->

Does this whole thing of mine feel never-ending to you? Yeah, me too. But you know, it is what it is - a lifelong struggle, and this is where those who say "oh, you copped out and got surgery" are full'o'crap, because it's still a load of work. I'll say it over and over though - the difference is that when I do the work, it actually works! So, watch for more updates as I am re-focused.

Special to Ethel: I didn't have a way to write you back on your comment, but I hope your banding went well! One thought - when you do go back to Bikram, I'd recommend talking to your instructor about perhaps doing the pregnancy adapations during the spine-strenghtening series (on your belly) - port pain is no picnic, and happens. This way you could keep going!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Checkin' In

Well, I'm weighing in every 2 weeks right now - it's just moving so slow, and if I so much as drink a glass of water I gain 1/2 pound. My at-home morning weights are in the very low 173's - no complaints, other than "hurry up!"...I remember when I was losing 2-3 pounds a week! My body is just slow and stubborn, always has been, and that's ok. I guess ultimately I'll get it done, even if it takes 6 months.

I haven't taken a day off from yoga yet! I just like it now and it seems to be doing good things for me. Last night, I tried a Power Vinyasa Yoga class - it's done in a warm environment (85-90 degrees, vs. Bikram at 105 or 110) and is a constant flow. It was so fun! Jill went with me and we really liked it - it was taught by one of my favorite Bikram instructors, Saiko. Anyhow, it was clear to me the places Bikram "misses" - hip openings, core strength work (it does some, but this was way more), and shoulders. It's a great compliment and the place where I tried it has a killer new student deal of $35 for one month unlimited! They teach Bikram there too, so I may just shake it up a little. Later!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Day 30: Mission Accomplished!

I know, I know "bikram bikram bikram..." ... "I thought this was a WLS blog, Jenn...geez." Ok, maybe I'll shut up about it now, but it's unlikely. Because here's the thing - I'm stunned, shocked and amazed at the impact doing Bikram/Hot Yoga for the past 30 days. Yes, indeed, today was Day 30 - I didn't miss a single day - not even a single posture even! This morning when I went, instructor was new (to me) and I was a little sad, actually, that she wouldn't know what I'd done. But after the last of the 26 postures, she turned to me and said, "Jenn, today was your last day, right? Congratulations!" (Another teacher in the class told her I think). Anyhow, I was doing my final shavasana (rest) at the end and actually teared up a little. It felt a little like running a marathon might, this huge, intense hard goal that somehow you accomplish and are better for it! And, you're super proud of yourself to boot!

In the past, I've *easily* done 30 days of exercise, cardio/weights, and never, ever seen my body respond or change so fast and favorably! And, bigger than that, those stints were miserable, I hated every second and was angry/pissed/self-pitying - you name it - which made it even harder both emotionally and physically to stay with it, ultimately causing me to give up/quit. With Bikram, once I got past that first week or so, I truly rounded the corner so many people have rattled on to me about and I would discount them in disbelief: The heat becomes secondary to the yoga experience. But it was true, and suddenly I found I was excited to go! I'd look forward to it in my day as a little oasis from everything else. And, no matter how crappy a day may be, I'd always know I did something productive and good for me.

The biggest changes are in my focus, stamina, strength and attitude. You know, just those lil' things. And more specifically, today as I went through each posture, I thought for a moment back to a month ago and how I felt in each one, my ability, my attitude. It was an awesome way for me to track my own progress. I can kick out on 2nd set of 'standing head to knee' - I don't dread 'triangle' and actually was complimented on it yesterday in class - 'camel' doesn't scare me and I actually look forward to it; and 'awkward pose' actually is beginning to look like it ought to (i.e., me not shaking and tumbling least not every time). Huh!

I'm grateful to my yoga pals (er, ck in particular), Jill (for putting up with my excitement, i.e., external processing), and my teachers (I miss Nina!) who all encouraged me and kept me motivated and going everyday. I don't plan to stop or anything, but I do figure on missing a class now and then without the pressure of the "30-day-challenge" goal. Thanks for reading! Now, back to our regularly scheduled weight loss blather.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Good News

I weighed in today at 174.2 - this is good news! That's a total of 6.2 pounds in 8 weeks. I know, it seems slow to me too sometimes...but overall, that's about .5 - .75 pounds/week, which, this close to goal, is really quite good.

Here's the better news though... My body is SO different since committing to Bikram Yoga for 30 days (today, btw, is DAY 26!!!) - my body is stronger, tighter and more defined. I'm not claiming to be a fashion model Size 00 or anything - but here's the proof: Early this year, I was hanging out around 165. During this time, I bought a pair of Lucky Brand jeans, size 12. They were tight on my hips, but fit well overall. This past week or two, they were feeling BIG, so I had a gift certificate and thought "I'll go see if a 10 will fit and get them for motivation and as a reward for the yoga..." Well, I put on the Size 10 and Jill said, "Honey, those still look big to me." Really!?!?! So I tried an 8. SIZE 8. And they fit! Now, they are 'relaxed fit' and fairly generous (like, not a Boutique Size 8, but a Mall Size 8) - but still: I am wearing 2 sizes SMALLER and weighing in 8 POUNDS MORE. This is the yoga, folks - and it's making me love it even more.
For the first time, I may be buying into "muscle weighs more than fat" which in the past, I used as an excuse for not losing weight - when I doubted it to be true. Now, I can see that is the case, and feel it too in how strong I feel, how easy it is to walk up a hill, squat down and pick stuff up, lift heavy things, etc.

Still plugging on. My sister Kate is going to join WW this week, so we're going to go together on Sunday's, it's always good to have a pal! Hope all is well for everyone!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Little Update

Well, I didn't weigh in this week. I got my period and did my insta-2-pounds-for-5-day gain...and I didn't want that mean lady to give me the stink eye. I'm going to switch to a weekend weigh in anyhow, starting Sunday.

On a happy note, I completed my 23rd day-in-a-row of Bikram Yoga! Only a week to go and I'm at my 30-day goal. Yee-ha! Tonight I went to 8 p.m. because traffic precluded me getting to 6 p.m. on time - but I still went! More soon, but I'm still plugging away!