Thursday, September 01, 2005

Too Skinny? Um, yeah...right!

Ok, there is one question that virtually everyone asks me when I tell them I'm going to have this surgery. So, I am going to address it here since those of you who haven't asked probably want to know too.

You're not going to get too skinny, are you?

Um, folks, let's see - I've got about 100 pounds to lose. With the band, most people are at about 65-75% loss of their weight at the 2 year mark, and unfortunately, at about 55% -65% at the 5 year mark. So, if you think about it- odds are I may not even reach my goal of 100 pounds at any point. But even if I did, I'd be on the high end of a healthy weight for me - to quantify it, at that weight, I'd be lucky to wear about a size 10 at that point. For a 5'7" girl, size 10 ain't too skinny by anyone's standards...

Note that I'm not getting the bypass, which often does allow people to lose all of their weight an in some cases, those folks struggle to stop losing. One of the upsides of the band is that it can be adjusted - if I need to stop losing (man, what a problem to have!!!), I just have them loosen the band and then I can eat a little more. Or, I can just add liquid calories to stop weight loss easily. Ok, so, before we all get ahead of ourselves...let's just see how I do! You can all tell me if I'm looking too lean, seriously!

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