Monday, September 05, 2005

Next week at this moment, I'll be done.

Wow, just looked at the time. My surgery is 1 week from today at 9 a.m. Holy cats. I think I may be past a lot of my fear (but do stay tuned to find out for sure...), and I'm actually getting a little bit excited. I think my mini-weight loss over the past week or so has helped me remember the whole point of this...there is a good outcome planned here!

Not too much to think about now other than to follow the pre-op diet for one more week and prep "food" for the 10 days of liquids post-op. I got a fabu little protein shake sample pack that has 17 of them in it, and also am planning on figuring out some nice soups to make up. Outside of that, not much to report. Onward.

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