Thursday, November 10, 2005

Deux Fill and Some New Clothes (finally!)

Fill #2 went off without a hitch. It was actually even less of a big deal than the first one. This time he had me lay down for the whole thing. He found my port easily, numbed me up a little, and then put the big sucker in. After pulling out what was in there, he reinjected it along with another .6cc, for a total of 1.6cc's in my 4cc band. Another conservative fill, but since I'm doing well, the ideal is to find that perfect spot where I can relax for the most part and enjoy life without worrying about PBing all the time. So, happy fill! (If you want to see the needle, you can check out my other blog - I promised my doc I wouldn't post it on this one - he said, "don't put that on the internet! you'll scare everyone!")

After my fill, I actually went shopping and bought some clothes! It was very gratifying and exciting. I've dropped about 2 sizes in most things - can't think of something that makes a girl feel better than fitting into the next size down...or two. What's funny is for once, I erred on the side of smaller rather than bigger. In the past, I figured "sure, I'm losing weight at the moment...but I'll just get fat again later." Now it's so different. It's more like, "No, Jennifer, get the smaller size - it fits you, for one - and you want to be able to wear it for more than two weeks." It's nice to have faith in oneself, no? So, if you think something looks to small on me, well, know that it won't soon enough. It was a choice - a hard one too - FatGirl Faux Pas #1: For the love of God, do NOT wear tight clothes!!!!! - It's right there in the handbook (you among me know exactly what I mean). But, really, nothing is really too tight - it's just that it actually touches my skin, as opposed to what I've been wearing lately, which hangs off my body completely, only coming in contact with my hips which hold up my pants...and my chest, which, well, nothing more to say there....

So, I got 3 pair of pants, 2 sweaters, 2 nicer shirts and 2 utilitarian shirts - coupled with some of my existing clothes that still look ok, I should get through the winter with these. I'll need to budget for spring/summer for sure. I came home and did a major closet cleanse and realized that come warmer weather, I don't have a thing for my bottom half, and only have a handful of well-loved tops. So, I'll plan for that.

My lap-band friend Catherine and I chatted last night about how easy this is, relative to every other weight loss attempt we've ever made. That's it's frighteningly effortless - how sometimes I get on the scale and think, "Hm...unexplained weight loss. I hope I don't have cancer..." literally because it just shouldn't be this full-proof! But it is, and God knows, I will take it!

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