Friday, December 30, 2005

Can't hardly wait!

So, I was cleaning the house the other day and found a batch of um, well, naked photos from the last time I lost weight. Back then, pre-digital, I'd schlep over to my local Fred Meyer and pick them up from the clerk, who always shot me a funny little smirk. But hey, not like they are sexy photos or anything...they're weight loss photos for pete's sake. Anyhow...

As I was going through them, I had dated and put my weight on the back of each one. The difference between where I am now and just another 20 pounds will be phenomenal! I mean, I realize in these photos I was like 26, so things likely won't look that good...but still, I actually looked like a relatively normal-sized person. I was shocked. And then I thought, "I can't hardly wait!!!" and it's so within reach and in a way that feels real and permanent. I'm already noticing how much smaller I am in so many ways, but to think that's what to come...yippee! Talk about motivating! And, these photos I was still about 35 pounds above what is now my goal weight. I guess as you peel back the layers, literally, the impact of each pound is more and more apparent.

For contrast here, I found a really um, big picture of myself from last Christmas. Talk about a "robust constitution" (I recently heard on NPR the French president being described this way):
I just love that I don't look like this anymore. Thank god. Here's my and Mikey a couple weeks ago...much better.

Been getting to the gym, eating ok (only two more eggnog lattes allowed - I'm cut off on January 1) and looking forward to getting back to work, and to a routine. Later all! :)


Sandi Hooper said...

Your progress is very inspiring. You look amazing. Proof positive that it does just keep getting better and better. And I love it that you're not stinting yourself on really living, either. You're doing it with real food and making adjustments that will last your lifetime.

Serena said...

What we don't get to see the naked ones?!? LOL just kidding

You are looking good. Maybe you will inspire me to start exercising.

Jenn said...

Jenn, you're looking truly amazing! And, I'm thoroughly impressed that you were brave enough to have naked pictures developed! Now, that's confidence!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn -

You're doing great - keep it up!

Missed you on Tuesday - both Dr's B & L were there at Stephens. They are going to open their own surgical center and not use Stephens. It will be just a few blocks away from their present location. The building is going up now.

Things are going great here. Doing 2+ miles walking and 5 miles on the recumbent bike M-F. And guess what, I joined the gym and I am working with a trainer starting Monday. There is a LA Fitness (nice) walking distance from home. This whole thing can make you a bit obcessive - I think. But I feel great.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

You're looking GREAT! I can so relate about the pics before WLS. I've not had mine yet (March, probably) and did not want any pictures taken of me this Christmas. Keep up the great work!