Saturday, August 27, 2005

Swimming Pools

So the one thing I will be reminding everyone of, myself included, is that *you don't lose weight with the band until you have adequate restriction* and that can take 3+ "fills" (fill, a term you should know = when they inject saline into my band to provide additional restriction via a small, flat, round "port" that will be sewn into my abdominal muscle during surgery, under the skin). These are done at 4-6 week intervals, the first being 6 weeks post-op, until you hit a point of losing 1-2 pounds/week without unreasonable hunger.

Many people lose some weight pre & post-op, however, often by the date of their first fill at the 6-week mark, they weigh about the same as they did the day they started. I saw a post on my lap-band message board yesterday that used an analogy that made good sense to me, and so I'm posting it here for mass consumption:

Post-op is just that, post-op. You have only had the band installed. Getting the band is just like getting a pool put in. You dream about how great it will be, can't wait to enjoy it, it is a big ordeal to have it put in, it will be the greatest thing! But, initially, you end up with a big beautiful hole in the yard that cannot be used yet. The pool needs a fill!!! Same with the band. Having the surgery to install the band is only the installation process. You can't enjoy it until you get it filled to the proper level. There is no possible way you can be a failure at this point - you've only just had the empty pool put in. Of course you cant enjoy your dream yet, you need the water!

The was a response to a poor girl whose parents call her daily to see how much weight she's lost, and she's only 2 weeks post-op! Note: Please don't do that to me, ok? ;)

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Reinventing Fran said...

Hi She,

Ya really never know what to expect. I lost 18 pounds my first week and I was down nearly 30 when I got my first fill. I've only had one fill and it's tiny. I lost 80 pounds on that one fill and then gain a little and I've held steady for a few months. You might lose early or post-fills, but I'm sure it does even out and it surely does work. Glad to see you here on also. Stop by Bandaid sometimes.