Friday, August 19, 2005

Just a big hose down your throat, this won't hurt a bit!

Just a little report. Today I had my ultrasound, EKG, bloodwork and (ick) endoscopy. All went well though the endo showed that I have significant acid reflux disease! Who knew! I never have heartburn at all - I didn't know that was possible...but, alas, it is! My surgeon did the endo, which was nice in that I got to interact with him a bit more. He also took some biopsies to check things out. I also showed a hiatel hernia (sp?) which was "medium grade" according to him - he'll fix that up when he installs my band. He also said the band should take care of the reflux disease. Phew! I'm just glad it's's never fun to awake lying in a puddle of your own saliva, or to have one's hair was soaked with it. Ew!

One other observation - living in Seattle, I was at first hell-bent on a big fancy in-city hospital. I've ended up at a smaller one up in Edmonds, and I have to say - what a delight! Every procedure today was done on time, they were expecting me, knew what I was there for, etc. - it was as pleasant an one could hope and I think a large part of that was due to the small facility factor. I didn't expect that really, but it's a good thing.

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