Monday, August 29, 2005


So, day 1 of 40 carbs or less went ok. I suppose the first thing to be happy about is that I didn't screw it up - I had 38 carbs total, along with 117 grams of protein (holy cats!) and 63 grams of fat (ug! my inner-lowfat-child is writhing). Total calories, however, was a mere 1188, according to my food journal at, a handy little tool actually! I now see how people lose weight doing Atkins, etc. - one can only chew on so much meat before becoming sick of eating...full or not, resulting in very few calories.

What I do find is that my energy level is crap. I am tired - but I did work out today and overall am doing my best to keep up. And, it's a little bit of a brain squeeze too - my head hurts a little from thinking so hard at work, etc. - but that's the idea, folks - squeeze all of the excess sugars and carbs outta every nook and cranny of my liver to shrink it down for a less complicated surgery.

I'm in, but man, I'm also glad this is only for two weeks.

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