Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It pays to be prepared/farewell my friend, tortellini gorgonzola

Today I had my final pre-op appointment, laid out the cashola, and am 100% confirmed for my surgery on 9/12 at 9 a.m. Michelle got to meet my doctor, and we got all of our final questions answered. She of course was fascinated by the photos of the inside of my esophagus and stomach... Otherwise, the results of my pre-op testing were all just fine.

After this, I had my formal nutrition class which went over the three phases of the process - pre-op, transitional diet (post-op), and then finally the 'permanent' diet. Well, there were others there and I was at times surprised by their lack of knowledge around the whole process. I was quite pleased with myself in this moment with how much I did know. In fact, very, very little was news to me. So, in the end, I feel pretty well prepared. I think I learned that... (1) I am very well-informed regarding details, risks, challenges and (2) I'm really ready. I just am not afraid at this point of life afterward (though I'm a little afraid of surgery, but who wouldn't be?).

I followed this up with one of my 'last suppers' tonight - not that I am pigging out! But, we went to the (affectionately referred to) Italian Dump in our 'hood and had my favorite meal there. With a Diet Coke to boot. It was fun and made me happy, and I wasn't really sad that I'll likely never have that meal again - it was just nice to say a conscious goodbye to the tortellini gorgonzola :)

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