Monday, August 22, 2005

snap peas will never be applesauce...

Today I thought I'd start to apply "the rules" to see how I'd do. Well, I totally forgot for my first two meals (good work!)...and then for dinner I remembered. Here's the tale:

- made tofu and veggie stir fry, along with spring rolls
- did not have anything to drink
- chewed my food to high heaven (until the consistency of applesauce)
- ate a lot less as a result

What I learned was that:

- snap peas never liquify, ever
- broccoli either
- tofu is good when you chew it 4 or 5 times, it's gross when you chew it a billion times (hence i ate a lot less since the tofu became quickly unpalatable)
- the unhealthiest thing, the spring rolls, went down just great - having a sauce to dip in helped with the liquification
- high flavor foods, which i dig and have always tried to work into my diet to keep it interesting, taste better when you can cleanse your palate a bit with some water...the salty and spicey nature of my stir fry was downright overwhelming without anything tasteless (rice, water, etc.) to balance out the intensity. next time, i'll pull back on the flavor a little and see how it goes
- overall, it was odd, challenging, but not bad really

I suppose I've entered a space of realizing denial is futile. Time to start practicing the rules, because this will be my life soon without option. This is the time when one gets to realize this will be no walk in the park. But I knew that.

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