Monday, October 17, 2005


So it seems my fill is having little to no impact. I can pretty much eat just like I did before the fill - which, since I'm pretty well on track, isn't so bad - but I was kind of excited to see what restriction felt like! Some say it takes a fill about 2 weeks to really kick in (though I can't seem to understand the physiological logic behind that) so I'm going to just hang tight and keep doing what I'm doing. Overall, I eat less than half of what I ate pre-surgery, but I'm still a bit hungry now and then. Either way, I'll get another fill in a month at the most.

The good news is that after what felt like a not-so-good eating weekend, I hopped on the scale today to see what damage I had done - and, much to my surprise, I was down another 1.5 pounds! Who knew! The total is now 25.5 pounds off. Incidentally, that's about 25% of my goal! Yay!

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