Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nice Weigh-In Today!

That's 99.8 pounds lost. I thought about grabbing scissors and chopping off my hair to get there...and yes, of course I tried to pee (again) and even made an attempt at a #2....but no luck.

So, maybe in the next few days. I'm weighing every other day now; I couldn't stay focused just yet with 1x/week, so Jill suggested every other day and see how that goes for me - and that has been more reasonable. I'm also practicing not freaking out when the number is unappealing. Anyhow, Tuesday is my 'official' day, so I'm posting the results!

Only .2 pounds to go to the big 100 pound mark; and .5 more BMI to no longer be "overweight"!!!. By the way, I've NEVER seen a number this low on the scale in any memory I have. I remember 135 in 5th grade (!!!!) and then 180's in junior high/high school. So, today was very exciting! :)


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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I just glanced through your blog, Jenn, and have so many thoughts, questions, comments, etc., etc.!

But, for now...
1. Congratulations on your weight loss!!
2. Are you going to Bikram's teacher training this fall??
3. I just might have to add you to my blog roll. You've explored and shared such lovely, tough and genuine questions and insights throughout your blog!


Anonymous said...

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