Friday, December 08, 2006

Surgery on Monday!

Check out today's horoscope:

Here is your horoscope for Friday, December 8:

It's time for you to shed those last traces of hesitation and take a leap of faith. Your willingness to lay everything on the line and go for that make-or-break choice will reward you beyond anything you've imagined.

Here's some information about what's going to happen. I'll try to post again before, but if not, I'm certain to post after.

- I am having two primary procedures: LBL (Lower Body Lift) and a BL (breast lift - mastopexy)
- The estimated time of surgery is 9 hours (yes, I know, 9 hours is long...I get that)
- I will have an incision around my entire waist, front to back, but the way I carry my weight is good and so my scar will be low around my hips; I will have "anchor" incisions on my breasts, which means below them in a c-shape, a line up and then a circle around the nipple area (which should keep all sensation/functionality based on how he's doing it).
- They will sew up my abdominal muscles to tighten them and give me more of a waist - this is the primary pain that I will have after the surgery; hardly anyone complains of incision pain.
- I will keep my belly button, but it will be repositioned based on my "new" stomach landscape.
- They expect to remove between 5-12 pounds of skin/fat, etc.
- Liposuction will only be used if needed for contouring of the skin.

Here are links to photos of both procedures completed by my surgeon if you are interested in seeing the outcome of these types of surgeries:

BL: - NOTE: I am getting Mastopexy alone; no augmentation (which means implants). They're just hiking them up, not adding (good lord!) anything to them.

Here also is a helpful link that explains the process for the BL with drawings:

They do not have one for LBL, but this shows the procedure for a tummy tuck, which is the key part of the LBL:

Hope everyone is doing well!


Anonymous said...

Funny, my fortune yesterday said:

"Time heals all wounds. Keep your chin up."

That seems perfect, too.

Christi Nielsen said...

Just sending good wishes.

Serena said...

Good luck. I hope you have much success from it and recover well.

Unknown said...

Thinking of you today and wishing you a speedy recovery! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Jessica6903 said...

You are going to look amazing! Thanks for all the info and I am hoping to have a tummy tuck next year. I'm interested in hearing about recovery. You deserve it!