Monday, December 31, 2007

Too Tight!

Don't we all want to keep ourselves filled to the max? Somehow, it gives an illusion of easier, faster weight loss...and while it helps to have good restriction, I found my 2.0 fill to be excessive. I was PB'ing a bit...but then after my period, couldn't drink liquid without having a little something solid to - I'm guessing - "break the seal" - then I could drink, albeit slowly and carefully. So, on the night of the 30th I woke at 3 a.m. choking on my own spit.

Good times for Jenn. Fortunately, Jill had Ambien'd that night and barely remembered my hacking, choking, etc. I got up, and it took a while to calm down and settle. After, my throat was sore and my lungs hurt.

This is where all the lap-band haters say, "Yeah, see - that's why I don't want a foreign object in my body." But, it's where I say, "I'm too tight. Dammit. Dammit. Dammit."

So, I was a good, responsible bandster and went in on the afternoon of the 31st and got a slight unfill, back to 1.8 where I was in early December. According to the doc, I went from 178.6 on Dec. 5 to 171.4 on Dec. 31st. Man, giving up that progress felt crappy - but then I thought - I'm not giving up anything! I lost that weight by counting my points (WW), doing yoga, bootcamp, and being careful through the holidays. I also noted that when I was at 1.8, I had gone from 183.8 down to 178.6 - that's 5 pounds, and at 2.0, it was 7 - still - this is all good weight loss, all in line with my goals, all good. I was tempted to go to 1.9, but honestly, I felt that feeling of water swishing about in my esophagus rather than going through my pouch, and just didn't want to risk it. I've felt dehydrated and crappy since I got too tight. In the end, the 1.8 won out and seems to be my ideal fill, even if sometimes it doesn't feel as aggressive as I would like.

Still hanging out at 171.4 officially, but I'm back to WW to weigh in on Thursday this week at my regular time - morning weights have shown me in the 169's now, and that is exciting! I was trying for 165 before heading back east on January 12th, but I doubt I can kick 4 pounds in 10 days, unless I ask to be put into a medically-induced coma with a feeding tube. And no, I don't plan on that! :)

On a separate note, I had told my fill nurse about my Bikram Yoga practice, and to my delight, she tried it out and LOVES it - she's an RNY'er a couple years out. It was fun to know I'd introduced someone to it who is sticking with it. Yay Bikram!

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